Healing space from the inside

  • Healin Foods has a menu of natural and healthy dishes. The general manager of the restaurant. According to Pratap, one should rest his body first from the inside… Healin Foods, set out with a 100 percent health concept, welcomes its guests in Teşvikiye. However, this is not an ordinary restaurant; it is actually a wellness center’s eating-drinking pillar. Healin, a project of Gedik Holding which is planned to be opened in the coming years, is known especially for his detox studies. Koshlendra Pratap. Healin Foods concept is his own.The name of the place; it comes from the idea that health comes from within the body, so healing must be from the inside. The starting point is dr. At You even have your car serviced once a year, Pr explains Pratap. The body is the same and actually more complex than the car. If you detox once a year, you’ll be cleansed and better off. Resting the body from the outside is not enough. It needs to be rested and purified. ” The paths of Pratap and Hülya Gedik, the Chairman of the Board of Gedik Holding, were united on this idea. Recognizing the lack of an authentic detox center in Turkey has started to work on a bilateral centers will provide services in this area. However, in the meantime, Healin Foods project was born, which they could implement more quickly. As a matter of fact, a person must first change his eating and drinking habits for a healthy life.