The New Normal Will Change The Way We Do International Trade


Türk Döküm Magazine which is Publishing House of Casting Manufacturers Association of Turkey gave the place to Gedik Holding Board Chairwoman Hülya Gedik in April-June issue. Hülya Gedik, shared the details of world trade during the coronavirus period; ” Before the Covid-19 Pandemic problem, casting industries in the EU and developed countries looking for new suppliers, especially for casting parts supplied from China. We think that they find Turkey as an alternative country of casting companies.  The demands that have not come to many casting companies until now started to come within this epidemic process. As it is known, the casting sector is a skeleton sector that supplies products to many sectors. The casting plants, which are above a certain scale, continued their work without stopping.’’

Hülya Gedik, who evaluates the new period in terms of production and exports, said “The terms and conditions that we entered under the new normal name will be with us for a long time and of course, firstly change the working life, the working models and the way we tap into international trade. It is obvious that we will innovate in physical supplier and customer relations and we believe this will happen mostly with ‘virtual’ and ‘digital’ tools and methods. E-commerce will have to be done more intensely and professionally than ever before.”

Source: Türk Döküm Magazine