Training agreement signed between Istanbul and Lanzhou

ISTANBUL Gedik University signed an agreement with Lanzhou University within the scope of Çin One Generation One Way Yol project of the People’s Republic of China. Rector Dr. Zafer Utlu said, kapsamında Within the scope of this agreement, we aim to give mutual trainings, exchange students and academicians, and organize joint seminars. Our main priority is to ensure that each university’s students and academics get to know each other on a more solid ground. ” With the agreement signed between Istanbul Gedik University and Lanzhou University of the People’s Republic of China, 16 students and 4 faculty members from Lanzhou University will attend the seminars held between 29 July and 4 August. In the first event called ‘Global Political Discussion Forum I her, the presentation of both countries, the evaluation of the training programs and the Halk One Generation One Way’ project of the People’s Republic of China were held. Istanbul Gedik University Rector Prof.Dr. Dr. Zafer Utlu stated that many students and academicians will be able to participate in the exchange programs and academicians will be able to work together in various researches.